Vietnam To Become 1st Country To Get Russian SU-57 5th Generation Fighter Jets

Will Vietnam get access to Russian 5th Generation Fighter Jets – SU-57? According to media reports, the Sukhoi Aircraft Manufacturing Group will commence the process of providing export variants of the SU-57 5th generation stealth fighter to customers in Southeast Asia after completing the trials.

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Even though Sukhoi has not yet announced who the potential customer is,, according to its sources, confirms that Vietnam is very interested in Russia’s state of the art fighter jet. The Russian newspaper even stated that the number of Su-57 fighters that Vietnam wants to buy will be 12, equivalent to a regiment, the contract value is estimated to be about $ 2 billion. This is a reasonable number when compared with the payroll of Su-30MK2 fighter units of the Vietnam People’s Air Force.

Vietnam could possibly become the first country in the world to be approved by Russia to get access to Russian stealth, fifth-generation fighter aircraft. However, they noted that the Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as the Sukhoi Group, have not made any comments.

However, in the opinion of Colonel Makar Aksenenko – Russia’s deputy doctor of military science should be cautious of these forecasts, the key reason is that the new Su-57 fighter line has not yet passed the stage. State-level testing, not yet officially equipped for the Russian Air Force, should not confuse dreams with reality.

Russian military experts have advised that customers cannot consider the possibility of commissioning an aircraft that has not yet begun mass production in the country that developed it.

Russia currently produces a small batch of Su-57 with the Su-35 AL-41F1S while its main engine, Izdeliye 30, is not yet ready. More specifically during the press conference at the 2017 Paris Airshow Airshow, Rosoboronexport CEO, Aleksandr Mikheev said, “In the near future, Russia will not export the most modern weapons models, including fighter. 5-Su-57 generation “.

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