China will not be silent if USA attacks North Korea: Chinese Media

USA-North Korea, the tension of tension has started to be heard in China. China’s official newspaper Global Times has said that if North Korea attacks against the United States, then China should be neutral. But the newspaper has also said that if the USA and South Korea attack North Korea with the intention to change power, then China should not remain silent. This official newspaper said that China should intervene to stop this attack. It is said about the Global Times that it reflects the thinking of China’s ruling Communist Party.

The Global Times has written that if China’s interests are affected, it will not accept change in status quo in North Korea. On the other hand, the United States criticizes China for not taking any concrete and strong action against North Korea’s nuclear program.

Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary James Matisse said that his endeavor that the North Korean nuclear crisis should be resolved through diplomatic dialogue. He said that the war will prove to be very devastating. Speaking in California by James Matisse said that if the need arises if the military option is ready.

The statement of the US Defense Minister is exactly the opposite of the statement of President Trump. Earlier, Trump had told reporter that North Korea needed to be intimidated. Trump said that if North Korea did anything against the United States will pay a heavy price.On the other hand, North Korea has made public the whole plan of attack on the US island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean on Thursday.

The Global Times has written further on the conflict between the US and North Korea, “China is not able to convince anyone in this situation at the moment between North Korea and the United States.China should clear that if China’s interests are in danger, it will respond firmly. ”

The Global Times has further written, “China opposes nuclear war on both sides of the Korean Peninsula and on both sides. China will not favor military confrontation from any side. Those who want to influence the Chinese interest by changing power in North Korea, will get a conclusive answer. Hopefully both China and North Korea will show patience The strategic interests of all parties are connected in the Korean Peninsula and no one should try to regain dominance. “