US-Turkey Conflict and the Iranian Policy Isolating the United States?

US-Turkey Conflict is the latest example of Washington’s hostile foreign relations towards its key allies. After remaining strategic partners and NATO allies for more than 50 years, Turkey and the US seem to be splitting. Not only Turkey, the US is also at loggerheads with the EU, ASEAN, China, Canada, Pakistan to name a few. Is Donald Trump scripting the greatest ever isolation of the United States?

Russia, China, Iran, Turkey Against the US?

With Turkey taking the brunt of US’s unilateralism, Russia, China and Iran would look to stitch a larger alliance against the US. Iran and Russia are facing similar challenges from the sanctions of the US and so is North Korea. After pulling out from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the US has waged an economic war on Iran and has vowed to bring its oil sales down to zero.

However, Russia and China have refused to respect these sanctions and have extended a resolute support to Tehran. Tehran has refused to buckle under the threats issued by the US and has refused to talk to Washington. Turkey was also among the nations which refused to respect US sanctions and stand with Iran amid tensions.

North Korea Joins An Anti-US Alliance

Similarly, North Korea too has been taking the brunt of sanctions from the US. Reportedly North Korea has refused to agree to denuclearisation proposals made by the US. The US has urged nations to impose sanctions on Pyongyang but these requests have gone unheard. Russia and China have extended support to North Korea, and so has Iran. All the nations infuriated by Trump’s unilateralism are now aligning with each other oppose the US and these are being led by supergiants Russia and China.

ASEAN and EU Ignoring the US

ASEAN nations too have signed a cooperation treaty with Iran ignoring the US. The European Union has also ignored Washington on several occasions seeing US’ protectionism and unilateralism. Recently Japan and the European Union signed a major trade deal in a show of strength to a ‘protectionist’ US.

The US has also cancelled all Joint drills with Pakistan after Pakistan signed a military pact with Russia. This would only push Moscow and Beijing to have a greater control over Islamabad.

Clearly, Trump’s unilateralism and his temperament are taking away all major allies from the US. Is Donald Trump scripting the greatest ever isolation of the US?

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