US Troops Ready To Leave Afghanistan After Striking A Deal With Taliban: Officials

The U.S. and the Taliban now appear to be closing in on an agreement under which U.S. forces would withdraw in exchange for guarantees that Afghanistan would not become a haven for other terrorist groups.

The Afghanistan war may soon to come to an end with the US and Taliban on the verge of striking a deal. If reports are to go by, Taliban and the US have reconciled and resolved their discord over the peace process pertaining to withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan.

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According to a Taliban official, the US will withdraw the majority of troops from Afghanistan while the Taliban leadership has assured Washington that no terror group will be permitted to use the Afghan soil. It was in 2001, that the US invaded Afghanistan to avenge the gruesome 9/11 attacks that shook the heart of the US. 

The two sides have been meeting for the last two days, and technical teams were continuing discussions on Tuesday in Doha. The Taliban official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss details of the negotiations.

US- Taliban talks making way for new developments 

In the past two days, there have been a series of dialogues between the US authorities and Taliban officials in Qatar, where the insurgent groups hold a political office. The US hasn’t hinted at any ramifications of the meeting as yet but has stated that the progress accomplished in the series of dialogues has been excellent.  

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Zalmay Khalilzad, the US peace envoy tasked with bringing the US and Taliban on the same page and bring the 18-year-old conflict to an end. He was appointed as the peace envoy almost a year ago and since then he has undertaken the task to find a peaceful resolution to the long-fought Afghanistan conflict. 

Even though the US and Taliban have engaged in serious negotiations for a ling time, Taliban, however, has maintained a constant rate of killings and terror attacks in killing scores of innocent people and Afghan security officials.