US To Stop Funding the United Nations For Aiding Palestinian Refugees?

Has the US given up its sympathy for the Palestinian refugees? Will the US stop funding the UN for supporting the humanitarian cause, including the Palestinian refugees? Trump Administration has decided to stop funding the agency of the United Nations that aids Palestinian refugees. This move is being described as a part of the US policy which aims at exerting maximum pressure on the Palestinians in order to make them comply with the US guidelines.

As reported by PressTV, the Trump Administration will soon express its disgust over the manner in which the UN Relief and Works Agency spends the funds on Palestinian refugees. The report was originally carried in the The Washington Post which cited officials who are familiar to the decision that may be announced in the weeks to come.

The Trump Administration besides stopping funding to the agency also seeks to urge the UN to cut in the number of people who are recognised as Palestinian refugees. At present, the number of Palestinian refugees is around 5 million and the US wants that the number be modified to about one-tenth of the number.

A plethora of foreign policy and security experts feel that a cut in the funding of the agency will further escalate the humanitarian crisis in the region especially, in the Gaza Strip. The US happens to be an ally of Israel and hence it might be pursuing a policy wherein it wants the Palestinians to be in line with the interests of Israel.

The State Department has announced last week that Washington has cancelled over $200 million in funds for the Palestinian authorities. Palestinian officials described the act as being similar to that of blackmailing. The Trump administration is perhaps also trying to convince Jordan to strip off many from the status of being Palestinian refugees.  What repercussions this move from the US cause is something that remains to be seen.

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