Despite the recent Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, the US-Russia relations don’t seem to be shaping for any good. Russia slammed the US for issuing threats to nations over arms deals with Russia, including Turkey, India, to swing the global defence contract in their favour.

As reported by PressTV. the Defence Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov on Monday launched a verbal attack on the US and castigated the US for exerting pressure on nations which plan to buy Russian weapons. Even Turkey has been threatened by the US against purchasing weapons from Russia.

The Russian Defence Minister said that the habit of Washington to resort to ultimatums and threats to potential buyers of Russian weapons to influence the global arms trade is wrong. He further added that eventually, this pressure will do no good to the US as the nations would ignore the threats and pressure being exerted by the US and choose to do what they want to. He also added that this attitude of Washington will ultimately trigger a sense of uncertainty in the world and also lead to an unprecedented conflict.

The Russian official cited the example of Russia’s contracts with India, Turkey and Indonesia among those being confronted by the US. He said that these nations will not agree to subject their rights to trade to the decisions taken in Washington.

Recently the US abrogated the sale of F-35 Joint Striker fighter jets to Turkey despite a contract between the two. The US wants Turkey to refrain from buying the S-400 missile defence systems and has been threatening it with sanctions against any arms deal made with Russia. Besides Russia, Turkey’s National Security Council too termed the language of threats used by the US as being highly unacceptable.

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