US-Russia Negotiations in Helsinki Could Threaten European Security

The organizers of the NATO Summit expressed fears that subsequent US-Russian negotiations between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki could adversely affect the European security. According to the Sunday Telegraph, if NATO allies do not increase their defence spendings, then Washington could possibly withdraw its troops from Europe, which could expose EU borders to Russia.

According to the report, high-ranking sources involved in the preparation of the NATO Summit are concerned that US President Donald Trump will begin talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin “about reshaping the security landscape in Europe”. However, experts fear that if the leaders of NATO countries “refuse to meet Trump’s demands” to increase defence spending, them this could adversely hamper European security.

Thus, military and diplomatic sources told the publication “of fears about a possible proposal”, with which Trump can address Putin at the US-Russian summit in Helsinki on July 16. Based on this information, the newspaper claims that “Donald Trump can threaten to withdraw US servicemen from Ukraine and withdraw from US participation in joint NATO exercises if the United Kingdom and other European nations do not increase spending.”

The publication notes that at the moment the UK is only one of the five NATO countries whose budget policy is in line with NATO’s target of allocating 2% of GDP to defence, while Spain, Belgium and Germany spend substantially less than required.

Italy Not To Buy American F-35 Fighter Fighter Jet

Meanwhile, Italy will no longer buy the US F-35 Fighter Jet. This was broadcast on the TV channel La7, said the Minister of Defense Elizabeth Trent. “We will no longer buy the F-35 Fighter Jet, announced Trend.  Italy produces the American F-35 near the Cameri air base in Milan. Rome spent more than 2.5 billion euros on the F-35 construction program. According to NATO, Italy had to purchase 131 F-35 Jets, but this number was reduced to 90.

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