US Overtakes Italy, China In Most Number Of Covid-19 Cases

The United States now has the highest number of Covid-19 patients with over 82,000 cases overtaking China and Italy. The per capita rate of cases in (the US, China and Italy) differs due to the countries’ vast differences in population. 

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As of Friday morning, the United States had at least 85, 594 cases while China was reporting 81,782. There have been more than 510,000 cases reported worldwide. The gloomy figures comes just as US officials said there was a new high for fatalities reported in a single day.

At least 246 new deaths were reported Thursday, bringing the total number of deaths nationwide to at least 1300 as of Friday morning, IST.

In New York, where more than half of the US cases have been reported, fatigued medical staff are turning to increasingly drastic measures to combat the pandemic.

Over 122,000 people globally have recovered from COVID-19, while more than 24,054 people have died, including 1,288 in the US. Italy reported the highest death toll with more than 8,200 deaths.

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Earlier, reported deaths in New York jumped to 385 (now at 466), with 100 new deaths recorded in a single day as Governor Andrew Cuomo warned residents on Thursday that the state’s situation was dangerous. “Almost any scenario that is realistic will overwhelm the current capacity of the healthcare system,” Cuomo said during the briefing.

The US Senate had earlier passed a whopping $2.2 trillion economic rescue package steering aid to businesses, workers and healthcare systems.

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But Cuomo warned the economic toll of the Covid-19 outbreak will be drastic in New York and rebuked officials for what he called a failure to address lost revenue in their $2.2 trillion relief package. “The Congressional action, in my opinion, simply failed to address the governmental need,” he said. “I find it irresponsible. I find it reckless.”

Cuomo said the pandemic creates a “double whammy” of heightened state costs and lost revenue of up to $15bn as businesses shutter and workers are laid off. The governor said the state will have to modify its budget plan for the fiscal year beginning April 1 because revenue figures are so uncertain.