US Not Really Leaving The Middle East, Despite The Withdrawal From Syria

The US is not going to leave the Middle East, despite the withdrawal of its military contingent from Syria. This was emphasized by a high-ranking State Department spokesman during a briefing to journalists for the upcoming visit of Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

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According to the statement, the US wants to show that they will not leave the Middle East and its partners. “Contrary to the earlier reports on Syria, the US will not be going anywhere. The Secretary of State will emphasize this commitment to the region and our partners,” he said.

In addition, Pompeo wants to once again convey to its partners and allies that “the Iranian regime is very dangerous in the region.” “There is no greater threat to the stability of the Middle East than the Iranian regime,” the State Department official said.

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The interlocutor also added that the US administration has not yet established exact dates for the withdrawal of US troops from the territory of Syria. “If we talk about Syria, then there is no set time limit for the withdrawal of our troops. The President decided that we will withdraw our troops from Syria, but this will be in close coordination with our allies and partners,” he said.

Pompeo is expected to visit Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia from January 8 to 15 during a Middle Eastern tour. The Secretary of State plans to discuss both issues of bilateral relations with the listed countries, as well as the regional agenda and the fight against terrorism.

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