US Navy To Get Upgraded ‘Vertical Launch System’ Capable Of Firing Lethal Anti-Sub, Aircraft Missiles – BAE Systems

The US Navy has ordered a new Vertical Launch System (VLS) for its ship-deployed missiles, BAE Systems said on Tuesday.

“BAE Systems wins $164 Million US Navy design contract for Vertical Launch System,” the company said in a press release. “BAE Systems has won a US Navy competition to serve as the design agent for the mechanical portion of the Mark 41 VLS.”

The contract calls for BAE Systems to provide design, development, test, product improvement, and sustaining support for current and legacy VLS systems. The company will also continue to design and support canisters used to store, transport, and launch the missiles from the VLS, the release said.

“The Mk 41 VLS is capable of launching a broad range of missiles, including the Standard Missile SM-2, SM-3, and SM-6 variants; the Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missile; the NATO Seasparrow and Evolved Seasparrow; and the Vertical Launch Anti-Submarine Rocket,” BAE Systems added.

The Mark 41 VLS is also deployed with the navies of Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey, according to the release.

Mark 41 Vertical Launching System

The Mark 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) is a shipborne missile canister launching system that provides a rapid-fire launch capability against hostile threats

According to BAE Systems, VLS Mk 41 is an extremely survivable system with missiles and other critical components placed below the armored deck. Redundant fire control and launcher interface links also increase system survivability in catastrophic circumstances.

The VLS Mk 41 ability to concurrently prepare two missiles in each 8-cell launcher module permits for rapid reaction to multiple threats with continuous firepower.

The multimode operation allows synchronous interface and missile preparation for anti-aircraft, anti-submarine warfare, strike, naval surface fire support and ballistic missile defense purposes.

The VLS Mk 41 is highly adaptable to accommodate the latest weapon to meet new mission requirements.