Russia Gazes, while US-Kazakhstan Honour their Strategic Partnership & Support

US President Donald Trump met with the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, on Tuesday, and assured the latter that the US would continue its support to Astana and values the US-Kazakhstan relations.

Trump, during a joint press conference also thanked his counterpart from Kazakhstan for visiting the US and strengthening the US-Kazakhstan relations.

He said Nazarbayev had done a ‘tremendous job’ in his country while adding that the US sees Kazakhstan as a strong, valued and strategic partner in the Central Asian region. Trump added that the two nations have worked together to ensure a safe and healthy future for Kazakhstan as well as the world in general. He acknowledged the strong US-Kazakhstan relation as an important support system in working towards ridding the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons.

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A Step Towards Stronger US-Kazakhstan Alliances

During the press meet at the White House after the meeting, Trump went ahead to thank Nazarbayev for assuring US of providing logistics support for the US troops fighting the ISIS and Taliban. In return, Nazarbayev thanked Trump and added that he was confident that his visit to the United States would improve the US-Kazakhstan relations. He further said he was on this trip representing the 5 Central Asian nations bordering China, Russia and the Islamic world.

125 Million USD On Afghanistan reinforces the US-Kazakhstan relations

Nazarbayev said it is the mission of the whole world to see peace in Afghanistan and thus Kazakhstan would continue to support the US troops in Afghanistan, to ensure stability and peace in the country. He pointed out that so far his country has provided around 75 million USD to Afghanistan in the form of technical and humanitarian support along with spending 50 million USD in training Afghan civilian professionals in Kazakhstan. Speaking on nuclear weapons, Nazarbayev said that Kazakhstan had the 4th largest nuclear energy in the world which they gave up, and shut down their Semipalatinsk test site. It is thus their moral right to speak with nations working on nuclear weapons, he added.

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Speaking on economic relations, Nazarbayev said there are several big American companies like the Chevron in Kazakhstan who have invested close to 50 billion USD in Kazakhstani economy. It is clear that US and Kazakhstan are taking all the efforts to make profitable alliances in every sector.