After Kim Jong-un, President Trump Ready to Meet Iranian Leaders

Amid ongoing and bitter US-Iran Dispute, Donald Trump could surprise the world (just like North Korea) and meet the Iranian leaders. The US President said that a meeting between Washington and Tehran could happen soon a day after he expressed his readiness to meet Iranian counterparts without any preconditions. While addressing a rally in Florida on Tuesday, Trump said that he feels that Iran will agree to meet soon.

Iranian leaders, on the other hand, have maintained that this is not the right time to hold any negotiations with the US. Having withdrawn from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran Nuclear Deal) the US is now vouching for an economic isolation of Iran. The US has reiterated that it will bring down Iran’s oil sales to zero and will make Iran suffer in a manner that only a few have seen.

Iran too has been firm on its stand and hence stated several times that it is not scared of the US. Iran maintains that it will withstand pressures from the US and if its oil sales are it will let no oil shipments cross the Gulf.

In response to the US meeting offer, the Iranian official from Foreign Ministry said that this was a contraction in the actions of the US. The US has been constantly threatening Iran of sanctions and economic isolation.

The US pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal unilaterally in May and this move was criticised by other nations. The US has now asked other nations to suspend all trade ties with Iran failing which they too will be liable to the same sanctions. Trump, at the rally in Florida, also denounced the Iran Nuclear Deal as being one-sided and horrible.

The first set of US sanctions on Iran will come to effect on August 7 and amid the fear of sanctions the Iranian currency is plunging. Iran’s currency has fallen by half its value since April and there is a huge instability in the Iranian economy and fears in the market

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