US Interested To Purchase Defence Equipments From India: Defence Minister

The United States is keen to buy the defence equipment from India’s Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO). Indian’s defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman informed about the expected purchase from the US on the occasion of Aero India 2019 Airshow.

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Indian Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman informed that the details of the list of items considered by the US are being addressed. “Indonesia, UAE and Vietnam have also shown interest in missile systems like Brahmos and Akash. Different countries are asking for different DRDO equipment. But we can’t disclose anything unless the deal has concluded,” the minister said.

John Rood, Under Secretary of Defence for Policy, revealed US’ plan for a missile defence collaboration with India. “The Indians have substantial capabilities domestically of their own and they’ve done some development of missile defences. So the degree to which they’re interested in acquiring or working collaboratively with us in the US remains to be seen,” Rood informed.

“It’s early to determine how far that will go,” Rood added. In 2018, the US awarded India the status of Strategic Trade Authorisation-1 (STA-1). India is the third Asian country to get its status after Japan and South Korea. The status facilitates India’s defence procurement from the US.

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