US Foreign Policy Controlled by Pro-War Military-Industrial Complex: US Official

Is US foreign policy controlled by the pro-war military-industrial complex? According to a former US intelligence officer, the US international policy is driven by the urge to sell weapons which essentially drives the US economy.

Under President Donald Trump, US arms sales skyrocketed with over 33% increase in 2018,” former US intelligence officer, US-based Scott Rickard told Iranian Press TV. 

“Donald Trump actually opened the doors allowing all and every arms sales that can be approved,” Rickard noted. “This is an unfortunate American trend,” Rickard said that the US military-industrial complex was negotiating more arms sales to foreign countries at present.

He said that “the arms industry has become the main factor driving the US economy.” “The number of arms sales being negotiated now is in the highest ever registered in the history of the United States,” Rickard said.

He said US arms manufacturers have outdone all other gun manufacturers worldwide by far.  “The US has surpassed other countries by 10 to 1 in international sales of the arms industry,” he pointed out.

Rickard said the “military-industrial complex”, which is run by former military officers who all graduated from the United States Military Academy, see selling more weapons as the solution to revitalising the feeble US economy. “Buying and selling weapons is all they know, and so, for every nail, all they see is hammers.”

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