US Congressman Advocates NATO Equivalent Status For India

Can India-US relations be ever at par with the defence ties US has with NATO? This question makes sense after a US Congressman of Indian origin advocated for NATO equivalent status for India on the parameters of bilateral defence ties. Ro Khanna, the Congressman stated that such bilateral ties will take India-US relationship to a higher pedestal.

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The two-term Congressman from Silicon Valley batting for deeper defence cooperation between India and the US on the lines of relations with NATO told the media that he had held a meeting with a top Pentagon official in order to come up with strategies to build a stronger economic and security relationship with India.

Khanna further explained that he has introduced a bill in the House Armed Services Committee and is working on a coalition to get the bill passed with the threshold majority.

Ro Khanna during his meeting with Randy Schriver, Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, discussed issues across a wide spectrum of India-US relations. He has also been pivotal in stopping wars on Yemen and Iran.

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The young congressman also apprised the media that the Pentagon also discussed the need for Pakistan to convince Taliban and stop them from harbouring terrorists so that the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan can be smoother.

If India is to ever get NATO-like defence cooperation from the US, India’s defence and national security will get a significant hike helping India to counter challenges from China and Pakistan much more effectively.