US Army Issues Contract For Hypersonics Systems Testing – Peraton

The US Army has issued a $44 million contract for test engineering, mission planning and systems on hypersonic projects, the Peraton company announced in a press release on Monday.

“Peraton has been awarded a US Army contract for Hypersonic Test Engineering, Mission Planning and Systems (HyTEMPS), valued at up to $44 million over two years,” the release said.


The award follows Peraton’s more than a decade of experience supporting the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command Technical Center and its mission to develop hypersonic vehicle technologies and provide hypersonic weapon and vehicle flight testing capabilities, the release also said.

“Under the contract, Peraton will be responsible for providing comprehensive mission support for interservice flight test missions …To support these test events, Peraton will develop hardware and software solutions associated with the development, maintenance and sustainment, and operations of mission and test system,” the release added.

Peraton will develop new systems putting sensors closer to a hypersonic vehicle’s flight path and point of impact. They may also develop a single networked architecture to rapidly share telemetry and test data and a new open ocean range system with sensors on ships, barges and unmanned maritime systems, according to the release.