United Nations Going Bankrupt; Afghanistan, Pakistan Amongst Key Defaulters

The United Nations which has stood firmly since 1945 as a pillar of global peace may soon be left with no cash at all. The UN chief has warned that the United Nations is running out of cash and has asked member states to pay their compulsive contributions at the earliest. The UN chief also urged member states to deliver on their complete contributions so that the UN can continue to work in key global areas. 

As reported by The Hindu, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antony Guterres wrote a letter to the UN Staff highlighting the concerning financial conditions. This troubled financial condition of the United Nations is due to delay in the payment of contributions by the key member states of the UN. In the letter written to the UN Staff, the UN Chief also highlighted the fact that this shortfall in cash being faced by the UN is unlike any other faced by the UN in the past years.

India paid USD 17.91 million in January 2018

The US, India, UAE and Switzerland are among the top contributors in terms of contributors to the UN. By July 26, 112 member states of the United Nations including India paid their contributions in full. India paid 17.91 million dollars to the UN in January.

The UN budget agreed for the fiscal year 2018-2019 was agreed at $5.4 billion last year. Besides this core budget, USD 7.9 is the approved budget for UN peacekeeping operations.

81 Nations still to pay to the United Nations

81 nations are still to pay their regular dues to the United Nations which has been hurting the UN and taking it towards a cash crunch like situation. Afghanistan, Brazil, Israel, Egypt, Maldives, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe and even the US are among the nations who have not yet paid their dues to the United Nations.

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