North-South Korea Relations to Improve After UN Sanctions Lifted

North Korea-South Korea relations got a major boost when the United Nations (UN) scrapped the sanctions on military communications between the two nations on Monday. The UN committee on North Korea lifted sanctions after South Korea demanded the same. After quashing the sanction, the military communication lines between North Korea and South Korea will be restored hence paving way for a better military cooperation between the two.

As reported by South China Morning Post, a UNSC official confirmed the news on Monday. As a part of the restoration of the communication lines the use of optic fibres, trucks, buses, petrol and transmission fluids will be permitted by the UN committee on North Korea.

North Korea had been at the receiving end of a series of sanctions given its aggressive nuclear and ballistic missiles test in the past. Given this flurry of sanctions, there are firm restrictions on imports to North Korea and exports from North Korea. Any leeway in these sanctions has to be approved by the 15 membered United Nations Security Council and granted unanimously.

South Korea’s Ambassador to the UN in a letter requested the lifting of sanctions on military communication last week. The letter had a list of more than 50 items mentioned and the letter was addressed to the head of the sanctions committee. The letter mentioned that the military talks held between North Korea and South Korea on June 14 led to an agreement between the two nations on the restoration of military communications. The two nations now look to maintain peace and stability in order to bring more stability to the Korean Peninsula by resolving tensions and disputes.

On April 27 this year the leaders of South Korea and North Korea signed the historic Panmunjom Declaration between them. The restoration of military communications between the two nations is being seen as an another positive follow up step to the remarkable declaration signed in April.

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