Ukraine to withdraw from the CIS Interstate Statistical Committee

The Government of Ukraine unilaterally adopted a decision on the termination of certain decisions of the Council of CIS Heads of Government related to the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth. The Government of Ukraine adopted the relevant resolution passed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated August 30, 2017, the press service of the government reported on Monday.

“The government has decided to stop some decisions of the Council of Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Independent States,” the press service said. At the same time, it is clarified that “the decision was made with a view to withdrawing from international documents related to the creation and operation of the CIS Interstate Statistical Committee.”

In particular, according to the decree, Kiev terminated the decision on the CIS Statistical Committee of 10 February 1995, on its renaming, on the Statute of the Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS of 12 April 1996, and on the decision to amend and amend the Regulation on 25 November 2005 of the year.

In the government, this step was explained by the interest in bringing national statistical legislation and practice in line with EU standards against the background of the ratification and operation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Ukraine after the events of 2014 – “euromaidan” and the coming to power of the current leadership of the country – does not actually take part in the activities of the CIS. In March 2014, the National Security and Defense Council decided to start the procedure for Ukraine’s withdrawal from the CIS. In November 2016, the relevant bill was submitted to the public. The bill has not been put to the vote so far.