Why is UK Committed to Defend Israel at Any Cost?

As per Iranian Media, the United Kingdom (UK) does not require any outside intervention to stay committed to Israel as they always see any threat to the regime in Tel Aviv as a threat to the old alliance between the Zionists and Britain.

“I don’t think British MPs and policy-makers need to be pushed by Israel, as they are always loyal to Israel and they are committed to defending the nations at any cost,” Chris Bambery, an author and poetical activist from London said.

The remarks come amid a squabble over opinions of the leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn on Israel and its ‘crimes’ against the Palestinians, which some in the UK have sought to portray as racist and against Jews. Corbyn lashed out at those criticisms, asserting that Israel even commands the speeches made by certain lawmakers of the British parliament.

Bambery said charges on Corbyn over his pro-Palestinian stance were methodical and stemmed from the fact that various individuals in the UK could under no conditions stand any criticism of Israel.  “I think what we are seeing is a very sustained track on Jeremy Coryn because of his position on Palestine and generally on the Middle East,” he said.

The expert stated the British elites have stayed faithful to Israel for the past 100 years and since Israel was created as a result of the Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration at the end of the first world war which paved the way for the partition of Palestine.

“So this is an old alliance which dates back a very long time and runs very deep,” he said, adding, “Britain was the principal ally of the Zionists, then displaced by the French and then by the US.” Bambery said such a deep alliance would make it quite easy for the elites in the UK to be influenced by Israel and its policies.

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