Will Uighur Muslims in China Meet The Same Fate As Myanmar’s Rohingyas?

Uighur Muslims of China and Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar – Is there a similarity between the two oppressed communities? Will Asia see another exodus of the Muslim population just like the Rohingyas? The United Nations (UN) claimed on Friday that China has secretly held one million Uighurs Muslim in detention camps. Vice Chairperson of the UN Committee against discrimination said that China is treating the Uighurs as separatists and enemies of the state.

Uighur Muslims Held In Detention Camps in Xinjiang: UN Official

These claims were made when the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination instigated a review of China’s past record over the recent years. The meeting of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was convened in Geneva, Switzerland. The UN was deeply concerned about the reports of such inhuman detention of over a million Uighur Muslims which form an ethnic minority in China.

Xinjiang is the autonomous region of the Uighur Muslims in China and it has been turned into a massive internment camp where no rights are being given to the Uighur Muslims and other minorities residing in China.

Gay McDougall, the Vice Chairperson of the UN Committee described this secret camp as a ‘no rights zone’ right at the start of the two-day meeting. The official added that another two million have been forcefully added into the so-called ‘re-education’ camp in the name of social and political indoctrination. The Chinese delegation of around 50 officials abstained from making any comments on the issue.

Asia witnessed the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar go through a similar fate last year. A large number of Muslims fled to neighbouring nations after the state-sponsored violence of the Myanmar military inflicted large-scale atrocities on them.

Myanmar had to face international criticism and rebuked from the international community for the human rights violations of the Rohingyas. Even in Myanmar the Muslims made an ethnic minority and were restricted to the Rakhine State which was attacked by the military.

Something of the similar sorts seems to be brewing up in China but Beijing is maintaining complete secrecy over the issue. Will the Uighur Muslims of China meet the same fate as that of Myanmar’s Rohingyas?