Chinese J-16 or Russian SU-57 for Turkey After Trump Blocks F-35 Sale?

Amid ruptured US-Turkey diplomatic ties, the US has put on hold the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Ankara. Turkey had placed an order for procuring 30 F-35A fighter jets and it intends to buy 70 more under the Joint Striker Fighter project. Turkey and the US are witnessing the worst bilateral ties ever over the detention of a US pastor in Turkey. After remaining strategic allies for more than 50 years the two are now at complete loggerheads 

As predicted by the EurAsian Times, Donald Trump signed a policy bill which puts on hold the sale of F-35A fighters to Turkey. This move from Donald Trump has further strained relations between Turkey and the US.

The US has already waged an economic war on Turkey and the fall of the Turkish Lira has created a ripple effect across Asia. President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan has called it a political ploy against Turkey and has stated that Ankara will now look to bolster ties with other nations to choose new partners amid the widening rift with Washington.

Will Turkey Buy The J-16 Fighter Jets From Beijing?

So, will Turkey now reach out to Russia or China after being deserted by the US? Will Turkey now go for the Chinese fifth generation J-16 fighter jets or Russian SU-57, as the US might never sell the F-35A fighter jets to Turkey now? The Chinese J-16 fighter jets have already been tested for combat and will soon be inducted in the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Turkey’s plans to purchase the S-400 missile defence systems from Russia too could be one of the reasons behind the ban on the sale of the F-35s to Ankara. Amid the economic tirade between the two, the Turkish president has now announced that Turkey will go about ditching gadgets from the US and retaliate.

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