Trump, Biden Must Be Careful In Blaming Powerhouse China For Domestic Appeasement

The coronavirus pandemic has not only infected millions of people worldwide, but it has also fuelled global feuds. From trade wars to geopolitical skirmishes, US-China rivalry has been further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Both Donald Trump and his political rival – Joe Biden bidding to become the next US President, have every intention to use China and coronavirus outbreak as a ploy to strike each other down in the 2020 US presidential elections writes Nebojsa Malic.

The US president has successfully negotiated trade talks with Beijing prior to the pandemic. After attacking China of creating the virus in a Wuhan laboratory, Donald Trump has consistently attacked China for concealing the actual fatalities and underplaying the pandemic.

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The world is “paying a big price” for China hiding the initial information on coronavirus, Trump had stated. “It would have been much better if we had known about this a number of months earlier. It could have been contained to that one area in China where it started,” Trump had stated.

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Trump recently also attacked Joe Biden for defending China and having a” soft spot” for the country. These remarks against Biden benefit Trump’s re-election campaign. Donald Trump also associated  Biden’s son Hunter’s service on boards of Chinese companies to Biden being soft on China.

Trump’s campaign continues to focus on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, who once served on the board of a Chinese company. Earlier, Trump campaign released an advert that focused on Hunter’s work in China and hinted a former governor of Washington was a Chinese official.

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Democrats have previously sought to tie Trump to Russia, which may have failed to stop his election campaign but managed to snarl up most of his first term in investigations he called a “witch hunt.”

The final gasp of this strategy was the accusation Trump abused his office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden – which got him impeached but acquitted in the Senate.

The democrats did not stop there. They fired back at Trump blaming him for taking too much time to react to the pandemic, accusing him of making a possible trade deal with China. This memo which was made public by Axios this week proves their point.

Calling this a bold strategy, the author finds the fact that both parties are risking a confrontation with a major global power just to win power at home is disturbing.  Within just a couple years, the Democrats did an about-face and hitched themselves to the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy wagon. It appears the role of scapegoat to the concerns of US domestic politics has now been assigned to China by bipartisan consensus.

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Joe Biden tweeted about the credibility of the facts Trump has against China. While this seems like a good show for the domestic audience, none of them seemed concerned about China’s response towards this.

It is important to remember China’s role in the US economy. Decades after globalization, China is an integral part of the US economy, unlike Russia. Beijing also holds massive amounts of US debt, and its authorities have had enough leverage over Hollywood movie studios or the NBA to compel compliance in “culturally sensitive” matters, to name a few examples.

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When it comes to their nation’s honor, the Chinese have a far greater edge compared to the Russians. Moscow might have brushed the ‘Russiagate’ scandal” aside and overlooked it, but China might not be as generous.

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