Trouble Brewing in Balochistan; Four Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves, Soldiers Critically Injured

Four terrorists blew themselves up following a raid by the Pakistan security forces at a house in Balochistan. Balochistan Home Secretary Haider Shikoh told media that a house was raided on information over the presence of terrorists in the Naseerabad area of Loralai. 

Man Kills Mother, Chops Body, Drinks Blood To Please God

During the raid, terrorists inside the house opened fire critically injuring four soldiers. After the exchange of fire, the terrorists which included a woman blew themselves up. According to police, the walls of nearby homes were damaged as a result of the explosion and four people were injured after being trapped under the rubble.

Historically Balochistan covers the Sistan-Baluchestan Province in Iran, the Pakistani province of Balochistan and Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The Gulf of Oman forms its southern border. Mountains and desert make up much of the region’s terrain. Most Balochis live in the part that falls within Pakistan’s borders.

Geographically, Balochistan Province is the largest region of Pakistan (comprising 44% of the country’s total area), but it is the least inhabited, with only 5% of total population, and the least developed and highly volatile.

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