Stone Pelting, Militancy & Funerals Have No End in Kashmir?

Terrorism, Violence, Stone Pelting, and Innumerable Funerals have become the symbol of Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has been under the governor’s rule eight times since 1977 including the present one. The government in Jammu and Kashmir fell when BJP withdrew from it in June. But with or without the Governor’s rule, Kashmir continues to bleed, be it the civilians, local militants or the defence personnel.

Yesterday, thousands participated in the funeral of two young men and a teenage girl in Kashmir, hours after J&K police say they were killed when Indian forces fired at violent mobs. The Jammu and Kashmir Police said that some residents threw stones at an Indian army patrol as it passed through southern Redwani area. The statement said the “army tried to disperse the miscreants and in the process five individuals sustained injuries.” Residents said soldiers fired live ammunition, shotgun pellets and tear gas to quell the protests, wounding several people. Medics said three injured died at a hospital.

PDP-BJP Divorce in Jammu and Kashmir

The PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir fell owning to differences within the coalition pertaining to stances on some key issues. Jammu and Kashmir is under the governor’s rule since May 19, 2018, and the Indian Army has intensified its operations in the valley to counter terrorism in Kashmir.

In the last 10 days, the security forces have carried about 20 operations in the valley and have killed 9 militants. The operations have also left a few civilians injured or even dead. Earlier, during Ramadan, the Mehbooba Mufti-led state government has urged the centre to observe a ceasefire in the valley and let Eid celebrations be peaceful.

But the ceasefire failed miserably as the local militants magnified offences against the security forces. There were ambushes, grenade attacks and rifle snatchings. Those two weeks saw more than 10 grenade attacks leaving more than 50 wounded. This tally includes 39 civilians and 17 security personnel. The PDP went really soft on the local militants and the ceasefire turned out to be a big blunder. The ceasefire ended with Shujaat Bukhari’s death. Shujaat Bukhari was the editor of Rising Kashmir and who was killed in broad daylight along with two of his bodyguards.

Kashmiri Militants

Kashmiri Militants continue to target Indian Security Forces, especially from J&K region. A J&K Police constable who was abducted on Thursday in the Sophian district was found dead. His body was shunned with bullets by the those who stand for extremism and terrorism in Kashmir. It was only recently that Aurangzeb Khan of the Indian Army was abducted and killed by Kashmiri Militants in the Pulwama district of Kashmir.

There seem to be to end to the Kashmir conflict. Security forces continue to lay their lives for the national cause, violent mobs continue to get incited for the so-called Freedom Struggle, and Militants continue to get lured by terrorist groups backed by Pakistan. In the end, the snow-clad valley of Kashmir has turned blood red.

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