Talk to Taliban to End Terrorism in Afghanistan: Russia

To End Terrorism in Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said that a dialogue for the peace process in must incorporate the Taliban, and other Regional Nations to find a lost-lasting solution.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has confirmed that Russia is one of a vital part of the Kabul Peace Process.

“Russia is an important member of the Kabul Process and is one of the good friends of Afghanistan, besides being a global super-power. The final declaration issued by the foreign ministers of India, the Peoples’ Republic of China and the Russian Federation was in the interest of Afghanistan,” said the spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Terrorism in Afghanistan

Addressing a meeting in India, he said the US strategy for defeating terrorism in Afghanistan was not workable as the hard approach via the military process for the past 15 years had provided futile and did not reduce terrorism in Afghanistan.

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“You cannot resolve a problem without having every stakeholder on the table. The government of Afghanistan, the Taliban, and those who can influence the situation need to sit together and find a political solution,” said Lavrov

On US Allegations, Lavrov said that “Never ever was there has been any evidence that Russia supported or armed the Taliban in Afghanistan. Russia has reached-out to the Taliban only for two reasons: When Russian citizens or our Allies were in trouble, and when we wanted to persuade the Taliban for negotiating the peace process.

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He also emphasized that the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan cannot be segregated from the fight against drug trade which funds the terrorist activities both in Afghanistan and other parts.

“The recent American strategy in Afghanistan, which highlights military resolution to solve the Afghan problem did not focus on restraining the drug production, which has been accepted as the biggest source of funding the Taliban.

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Some Afghan critics have claimed that the US has no intention to stabilize Afghanistan. However, the Afghan government says that the peace agreement recently signed between the Afghan Government and the Hizb-e-Islami group under Gulbuddin Hekmatyar symbolizes the commitment of the Afghan government towards long-lasting peace in Afghanistan.