India, Pakistan Bury Hatchet and Work on TAPI Pipeline?

The construction of the 1,814 Kilometers long TAPI Pipeline, with a 33 billion cubic meters’ gas transfer capacity, is expected to begin from February according to Tolo News

The TAPI Pipeline (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline) will run from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and further to India, through multiple provinces in Afghanistan. On Wednesday, the MoMP announced that all necessary steps have been taken to implement the project. The Afghan Ministry of Mines & Petroleum also stated that the construction will begin in Afghanistan from next month.

TAPI Pipeline: Great Income for Afghanistan

The TAPI Pipeline is slated to bring in a whopping $500 million USD every year from transit duties. The Government of Afghanistan also states that all necessary measures and many programs have been worked upon to ensure minimum impact on the regions that the Pipeline will run through. Security measures have also been taken and the government is working on building even stronger security strategies to ensure no sort of destruction takes place around the TAPI project.

As elaborated by Afghanistan’s economic analyst, the current need is to align the people with the purpose of the project. It is necessary that people see this as a step towards national development and extend their support towards it. The Afghani people must be in complete support of the TAPI Pipeline project for the work to go on without destructive activities of any kind coming in its way.

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Fazilka, India to be the End Point of the TAPI Pipeline

The TAPI Pipeline will run along the Kandahar–Herat Highway in the west part of Afghanistan, through Quetta and Multan in Pakistan and finally reach its endpoint in Fazilka, India. Fazilka lies on the Pakistan-India border. This mammoth project will bring in great benefits for all nations involved in it.

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