Taliban Attacks Another Army Base, Kill At Least 40 Security Personnel

As the Taliban is escalating its offensive operations, the Afghanistan war is only getting uglier. After attacking the Faryab army base on Monday, the Taliban fighters attacked a security base in Northern Baghlan province on Tuesday night. A security source confirmed on Wednesday morning that at least 45 security personnel of the Afghanistan forces have been killed in the lethal attack by the mighty Taliban.

As reported by Tolo News, a police source confirmed that the Taliban insurgents assaulted the Allahuddin base in the Baghlan district. The source further confirmed that 35 soldiers and more than 10 local policemen had been butchered by the Taliban which is on the aggressive since last week.

The district police too have confirmed the attack but have not given the exact count of casualties yet. Even the security officials have not yet made any remarks about the attack on the Allahuddin military base in Baghlan.

First, the Taliban launched a massive attack on the Ghazni city on Friday and killed more than 100 policemen. Then the army base in Faryab came under attack in which more than 50 security personnel lost their lives and now more than 40 security personnel have died in the attack launched on Tuesday night. The Taliban fighters have killed more than 200 security officials since Friday and this is a big cause of worry. While there were reports of the government and the Taliban exploring options of peace, the Taliban has rather come out to be more brutal than ever in recent times.

Reportedly a US official had met with top Taliban leaders in Doha last month to instigate talks for peace. There were large anticipations about the Taliban and the US coming to terms in order to explore a political solution through dialogue. But any such hopes now seem dead shunned by bullets blazing relentlessly from the guns of the Taliban fighters.

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