Taliban Takes More Than 100 People As Hostages In Northern Afghanistan

While the Afghanistan President proposed yet another ceasefire on the occasion of Eid, the Taliban responded with another offensive. The Taliban fighters on Monday morning attacked the convoy of buses and took more than 100 people as hostages. These hostages also include children and women.

Earlier Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan had announced a conditional ceasefire for the occasion of Eid al-Adha in this week. Any further news about the hostages is still to be known. The Taliban too is yet to make any statements about the same.

As elections approach in Afghanistan, Taliban has fueled a surge in violence seizing entire districts. The attacks by the Taliban fighters have killed scores of security personnel and civilians in the last few weeks. A large number of Taliban intruders too have been killed but that does not seem to be pulling them down in any way.

Reportedly the Taliban fighters intercepted three buses in the Kunduz province and forced the passengers to accompany them. Officials suggested that the Taliban planned to abduct government officials or the members of the security forces going home on the account of Eid. The passengers on these buses were travelling to Kabul from Badakhshan and Takhar provinces. Authorities stated that the local officials are trying to negotiate with the Taliban for the release of the abducted people.

On Sunday, the Afghan President had announced a cease-fire on the condition that it must be reciprocated by the Taliban. But the Taliban maintains that there will be no peace unless the foreign forces are not kicked out.

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