Air India’s Move on “Chinese Taipei” Shows Respect for Chinese Laws

Air India changed the name of Taiwan to ‘Chinese Taipei’ on its website and conceded to China’s demands. China has requested all international airlines to respect the ‘One China’ policy and change the way Taiwan is described on their websites and marketing portals. Chinese Media believe that this move made by Air India shows respect for the Chinese Laws. As per the sources, Air India made this change after getting an approval from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. 

As reported by The Global Times, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China acknowledged the move made by Air India. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China stated that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is very much a part of China. China had directed international airlines to change the description of Taiwan on their websites within a stipulated time frame of 30 days.

Taiwan Left Disappointed

After Air India changed the name of Taiwan to Chinse Taipei on its website, Taiwan has been left dejected. Taiwan has slammed foreign airlines for giving in to the pressure exerted by China.

The foreign ministry of independently governed China on Wednesday slammed Air Canada and other airline brands for buckling under pressure. It stated that this change will send a wrong message to the world and will breach the sovereignty of Taiwan. Now with Air India too making the same move the very next day, Taiwan was left disappointed with the move of the Indian government. Air India no longer offers flights to Taiwan but operates flights to ‘Chinese Taipei.’

US Slams China’s Request

China had written to more than 30 international airlines to change their reference to Taiwan. This list of international airlines also included some US airlines. The US has termed this request made by China as ‘Orwellian Nonsense.’ The US said that China is trying to impose its views on the citizens of the US and private companies.