Syrian Kurds Urge NATO, European Union To Sanction Turkey For Aggression

The Turkish Armed Forces have struck so-called 181 terror facilities in the first hours of a new trans-border operation in Syria dubbed Operation Peace Spring. This aggression has not gone down well with the Syrian Kurds who have called for sanctions against a belligerent Turkey.

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Co-chairperson of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed stated that European Union member states should recall their ambassadors from Ankara, while NATO should challenge Turkey’s membership in the alliance in light of its military operation in Syria.

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Ahmed co-chairs an autonomous administration created by Kurds in northeastern Syria. The council is a political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) armed coalition.

Moreover, Ahmed said that Turkey’ NATO membership should be called into question. “Turkey is a NATO member but we believe it does not serve NATO and does not act in its framework. We are urging NATO to question Turkey’s membership,” the Kurdish envoy emphasized.

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She also underlined that Turkey’s actions in Syria should be viewed by the international community as “a state attacking another state.” “This attack endangers lives of 5 million people. It can lead to a terrible humanitarian crisis,” Ahmed added. “The result of this aggression will negatively affect the fight against terrorism, control over Daesh or ISIS will be lost.”

According to the envoy, “the whole region is currently under the attack of Turkish forces.” “Turkey’s main goal is to expand its borders and occupy Syrian territories,” she stressed.