China, Russia Or Aliens: Why Is There A Sudden Surge In UFO Sightings Over US Military Bases?

The sudden surge in the “UFO” sightings over US military bases and naval assets may be attributed to deliberate incursions by enemy spy drones.

Defense Analyst Tyler Rogoway establishes a connection between these so-called “extraterrestrial” phenomena and the military intelligence gathering and large-scale espionage by America’s adversaries.

He is also of the view that the Pentagon’s “sudden willingness” to talk about UFOs (unidentified flying objects) reflects its failure to acknowledge low-technology UAVs used by America’s enemies to harass its military installations, air defense and radar systems (and many more) and spy on them.

A Pentagon declassified video-grab of an unidentified aerial phenomenon. (via Twitter)

This strange revelation about the US’ ignorance about unidentified objects hovering over their military installations could result in catastrophic failures for the US armed forces in the event of a war, where the adversary would already know the electronic signatures of the equipment.

Tyler says that these “UFOs” are odd-looking man-made UAVs used by America’s adversaries — Russia or China — to directly spy on the US military. And why would they spy directly in the American homeland?

It’s simple – the combat drills in the homeland always involve full capabilities; otherwise globally these systems are only partially kept active to evade enemy spying and keeping full operational capability a secret.

The gross inaction and the stigma surrounding unexplained aerial phenomena as a whole has led to what appears to be the paralyzation of the systems designed to protect us and our most critical military technologies, pointing to a massive failure in U.S. military intelligence.

This is a blind spot we ourselves literally created out of cultural taboos and a military-industrial complex that is ill-suited to foresee and counter a lower-end threat that is very hard to defend against,” he writes.

Most of these “UFOs” had been seen in the past decades, especially over America’s East Coast and around sensitive military warning areas where drills of the US military’s top weapons are conducted.

Many of these so-called UFOs were never reported by the military and instead filed as classified intelligence events. These unnatural flying objects were jet-powered, missile-like drones and other unmanned fixed-wing aircraft flying up in the flight levels, as well as multi-rotor UAVs hovering at very high altitudes far out to sea.

There were also balloon-like objects, the origins of which were all unexplained even after official investigations, Tyler noted.

There is a strong possibility that China and Russia could have deployed these aerial objects to spy on US military installations and weapons including aircraft and warships, according to Tyler.

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