India Navy Launches the New and Mighty Submarine Karanj

Submarine Karanj, the newest addition to the Indian Navy fleet, is superior in every aspect. Submarine Karanj of the Indian Navy is the 3rd Scorpene submarine with impressive stealth characteristics. With numerous mighty features, Submarine Karanj has definitely added significant power to the Indian Navy.

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On Wednesday, Submarine Karanj was launched by the Indian Navy at Mazagaon Dock, Mumbai. The inaugural event welcomed Sunil Lanba, the Naval Chief Admiral as the chief guest. This 3rd Scorpene submarine claims to have the best stealth abilities that could easily attack with precision, like none other.

Submarine Karanj – Precision, Stealth and Advanced

The new Indian submarine boasts of many superior characteristics along with the stealth and precision feature. It has highly advanced techniques like low levels of radiated noise, a hydro-dynamic shape, precision-guided weaponry and more. The submarine can attack both on the surface as well as underwater, and the launch can be by both tube or torpedo launched missiles. It has been designed by DCNS, a naval defence company from France.

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In 2017, INS Kalvari, the 1st Scorpene submarine was commissioned into the INS, by Indian PM Modi. Khanderi Submarine, the 2nd Scorpene, was also launched early last year and is presently under sea trials.

Submarine Karanj Adds Might to The Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is weakened by an old fleet of submarines, and the Submarine Karanj will give the naval forces a renewed strength. With the Chinese naval forces showing active presence across the Indian Ocean, the 3rd Scorpene class submarine has advanced the combat system for Indian Navy.

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With the India-China ties weakening and becoming more pressing, India needs to be prepared and ready to face any challenges. Submarine Karanj boosts not just the morale of the naval personnel but also reflects positively on India’s strong and growing defence forces.