PAK FA (SU-57) 5th Generation Indian-Russian Fighter Jet Takes Flight

The much awaited, Russian 5th Generation Fighter Jet PAK FA (SU 57) has taken to the skies. The PAK FA (SU 57) stealth fighter has been equipped with the best air-launched weapon system, so far. The Chief Executive Officer of the Tactical Missiles Co. has confirmed that the PAK FA (SU 57) has started operations.

The company is presently developing the set of precise weapons both for the inside and out of the jet plane. The CEO also confirmed that almost all the weapons are keeping with the norms of Information inter-operability.

PAK FA receives the SU 57 Serial Number

The 5th Gen PAK FA, better known as the T-50 Fighter, took its first flight back in 2010. The PAK FA was reintroduced with a much more advanced engine, in December last year. According to an earlier report, the PAK FA has been serial marked as the SU 57.

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The delivery of the fighter jet and the completion of the experimental design work is expected to be completed by 2019. The Chief Executive Officer of UAC stated that there will be twelve SU 57 jets in the first pre-production batch.

India-Russia Joint PAK FA (SU 57) Project

The 5th generation PAK-FA is being developed by Russia and India as a joint fighter project, to be used by both countries. This is a derivative project of the SU 57 being developed by the Russian AF. The Indo-Russian joint fighter project is known as PMF: Perspective Multi-Role Fighter. Two separate prototypes are to be developed, one by each nation.

India to Acquire the SU 57 (PAK FA)

The Indo-Russian Stealth Fighter Project has been in news for quite some time. The IAF has on several accounts reported dissatisfaction and dismay regarding the quality of the Russian aircraft. As earlier reported by a senior officer of the Indian Air Force, the IAF is concerned about the abilities of the PAK FA and believes that the jet will fall short in areas of stealth and cross-section capacities. Other concerns earlier raised by the IAF included the cost of servicing and maintenance of the fleet.

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Although defence experts from the Indian Defence Ministry recommend the SU 57 and believe the Indo-Russian Fighter project is highly beneficial for India, the IAF has expressed several concerns. When the first PAK FA was evaluated, the IAF addressed around 40 issues, including a weak engine, amongst others.

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The SU 57 has now been upgraded with a much more advanced engine, along with numerous other features. The advanced air-launched weaponry is one of the best features of the PAK FA, now SU 57. Russia is sure about the jet’s ability in areas of stealth and precision, will India go ahead with the Indo-Russian Fighter project and acquire the SU 57?