Can Russia’s 6th Generation Fighter Jets Compete with American 5th Generation F-22?

The Russian SU-57 fighters jets are being tested for their 6th generation fighting capabilities, as per top military sources in Russia. The SU-57 fighters are conducting tests for onboard systems of the 6th generation fighter jets which could soon take the world by surprise. The trials onboard the SU-57 fighters include navigation systems, control systems and weapon systems of Russia’s highly ambitious 6th generation fighter jets programme. 

According to TASS, a source from the domestic aircraft building industry confirmed the news. The source on Monday said that the Su-57 fighter jets are being used to test some systems of the future 6th generation of fighter jets which will be optionally piloted. The source also informed that the 6th generation fighter jets will be programmed to be droned in their baseline. However, the United Aircraft Building Corporation of Russia abstained from commenting on the same.

As per the experts, the 6th generation fighter jets programme of Russia is aimed to build jets which are capable of unmanned missions and usage of weapons based on the new physical principles. The fighter jet will have the ability to accomplish artificial intelligence, hypersonic speeds, entering the outer space and much more. The 6th generation fighter jets will also feature radio-photonic radars.

Indian Connection with SU-57 Fighter Jet

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, India officially expressed its reluctance to proceed with PAK FA (SU 57) 5th Generation Fighter Jet programme. Citing the deal as being too expensive, India has not been willing to proceed with SU-57, 5th Generation Fighter Jet Deal. The deal which was signed in 2007 had an estimated value of about $30 billion.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, the IAF has on several accounts reported dissatisfaction and dismay regarding the quality of the Russian aircraft. As earlier stated by a senior officer of the Indian Air Force, the IAF is concerned about the abilities of the PAK FA and believes that the jet will fall short in areas of stealth and cross-section capacities.

Why has Russia started to work on so-called 6th Generation fighter jet, when even their 5th generation jet is not fully functional, and as per critics, is nowhere close to the American F-22 and even F-35? Is this another marketing gimmick that Moscow is playing or they surely have something exceptional to counter the American fighter jets?

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