Su-27 Jets Did Not Chase Away US B-52 Bombers Over Baltic Sea — US Air Force

Russia’s Sukhoi-27 fighter jets did not chase away the US B-52 bomber from the Russian border over the Baltic Sea as reported earlier and the plane managed to complete its mission, US Air Force in Europe and Africa spokeswoman Renae Pittman told TASS News Agency.

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry said two Sukhoi-27 fighters on March 20 made a B-52 bomber turn away from the Russian border over the Baltic Sea. The bomber had been spotted far way over international waters and put under observation.

Pittman said the US bomber was conducting routine operations in international airspace exercising “our freedom of navigation and overflight.”

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“On March 20th, the B-52 had a routine interaction with a Russian Su-27 while conducting operations over the Baltic Sea. The pilots were using transponders and operating in conformity with international law. The Russian aircraft did not chase the B-52 away, and the bomber was able to complete its mission. Operations and engagements with our allies and partners demonstrate and strengthen our shared commitment to global security and stability,” she said.

Earlier, the United States had redeployed six strategic bombers B-52 to Europe. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the measure was breeding tensions.

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