Su-24 ‘Bursts Into Flames’ On Victory Day; Russian Rebels Set Ablaze RuAF’s Attack Aircraft At Sukhoi Aviation Plant

A rebel group operating on Russian soil, known as the Freedom of Russia Legion, has released a video on the social media platform Telegram claiming to have set fire to a Russian military aircraft. 

Reserved To Obliterate ‘Significant Targets,’ Russia Hits Ukraine With ‘Kitchen Missile’ Causing Massive Damage

The incident, which reportedly took place on May 9, marks the latest in a series of attacks against the regime of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. 

In a bold proclamation, the guerrillas have revealed that they orchestrated the destruction of the aircraft at the prestigious Sukhoi Superjet Company’s aviation plant in the picturesque city of Novosibirsk, situated in the southern region of Siberia. 

The caption accompanying the video asserts that the plane was engulfed in flames, leaving it irreparably damaged. The guerrillas boast that their sabotage ensures that the aircraft will no longer require any repairs. 

The Legion torched the combat plane as a powerful demonstration that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine must come to a decisive end.

According to the Legion, their provocative act of burning the combat plane is a stark reminder that pursuing peace cannot be achieved through the tragic loss of innocent lives, particularly among children and women, in a neighboring nation. They strongly assert that the Kremlin has replicated the heinous crimes committed by the Nazi regime against humanity and that all those implicated in these actions will ultimately face accountability and justice within the court of law.

Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared the video, saying that the targeted aircraft had been stationed at the facility for necessary repairs and modernization.

“A video was published where Russian partisans claim to have destroyed a Su-24 combat aircraft in Novosibirsk. The aircraft was located at the site for repairs and modernization. That won’t be necessary now, it seems,” Gerashchenko tweeted. 

The advisor also told Newsweek that the Kremlin’s apparent failure to guarantee security within its own borders would gradually erode national support for Moscow’s disastrous ongoing war with its western neighbor.

Russia burning plane
Representatives of the Legion of Freedom of Russia claim that the Su-24 burned down in Novosibirsk (Photo: Screenshot from video by Легіон Свобода Росії/Telegram)

Russia’s Victory Day Parade

The Legion claims that unidentified patriots congratulated the “criminal authorities” on Victory Day with a “bang.”

This statement suggests that setting fire to the aircraft was a symbolic gesture intended to challenge and confront the ruling powers on this historically significant day.

Meanwhile, during a grand military parade held in the heart of Moscow on May 9, President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech reiterating his stance of attributing blame to the West and Ukraine for the ongoing war. 

The military parade held on May 9 in Moscow was marked by the striking absence of Russian military equipment, reflecting the failures and colossal losses incurred by the Russian invasion army in Ukraine. 

The display featured only one tank, an aging Soviet T-34 model dating back almost 80 years to the Second World War. This limited display contrasts sharply with past parades showcasing a vast array of advanced weaponry and military might. 

May 9 Victory Parade on Red Square, Moscow, marking the 78th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Photos from Kremlin’s official website

Victory Day is an annual event in Moscow that commemorates Nazi Germany’s defeat during World War II, referred to as the Great Patriotic War in Russia. 

The day is typically marked with a military parade at Red Square and President Vladimir Putin addressing crowds. Putin has traditionally used this occasion to demonstrate Russia’s military might, showcasing the country’s advanced weaponry and cutting-edge technology. 

Despite the limited display of Russian military equipment, the Victory Day Parade still featured notable elements. 

Yars, S-400, and Iskander-M missile systems made their way through the historic Red Square. However, the traditional airborne segment of the parade was canceled this year.

Reports also indicate that at least 24 cities nationwide canceled their scheduled parades to mark this important day. Regional leaders cited “security concerns” as the primary reason for scrapping these events.

Recently, the Russian government has made serious allegations against Ukraine, blaming Kyiv for a “planned terrorist act” to assassinate President Vladimir Putin. 

According to Russian officials, two Ukrainian drones allegedly crashed into the Kremlin in Moscow. In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vehemently denied any involvement, stating that Ukraine does not possess the weapons capable of carrying out such attacks.