Sri-Lanka, India Likely Targets of ISIS Terror Group: Media Reports

Terrorists from the ISIS (Islamic State) are likely to conduct attacks in India and Sri Lanka, a report says, citing intelligence. ISIS has been very active in the Middle-East and has been working to expand their presence, globally.

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New Delhi Television (NDTV), citing three intelligence letters sent to police chiefs in the southern Indian state of Kerala, said that ISIS was now urging its “operatives” to carry out attacks at their home countries.

Senior Indian officials reportedly named several states as being the most threatened. According to police, at least 100 people are believed to have joined the ranks of the Takfiri terrorist group from Kerala over the past years, while around 3,000 are currently under surveillance.

ISIS may also target key installations in Kochi, Kerala’s most populous city with 2 million people, another letter accessed by NDTV said. The southern state lies close to Sri Lanka, where terrorist attacks in April claimed the lives of over 250 Christians celebrating Easter.

The attacks sparked new concerns about a resurgent ISIS, which once controlled vast swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria but gradually lost them.

The terrorist group was declared militarily defeated in 2017. Over the years, many members of the terrorist group have returned to their home countries — including in Europe — to carry out terrorist attacks.