South, North Korea Bury Hatchet; Working on Joint Railway Project

In the wake of a new precedent between North and South Korea, the two countries now plan to set up a cross-border railway link. A 15 member delegation of South Korean officials visited North Korea on Friday to inspect a joint railway project to establish and modernize the railway links between the two hostile neighbours.

As reported by The Global Times, the 15 member delegation from South Korea led by a senior official from South Korea’s transport ministry crossed the Military Demarcation Line on Friday morning.

During the one day visit of the South Korean delegation, South Korea and North Korea will jointly inspect railway links between Mount Kumgang to the Military Demarcation Line along the eastern coast of North Korea.

This joint inspection is a follow up to the agreements made during the working level talks held between the two nations on June 26. Another inspection will be held on July 24 for the railway connection between North Korea’s border town of Kaesong to the Military Demarcation Line. All these inspections will be followed up by joint studies in terms of feasibility, finances and operational details.

Military Communications To Be Set Up Between North Korea and South Korea

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, North Korea-South Korea relations got a major boost when the United Nations (UN) scrapped the sanctions on military communications between the two nations, recently. The UN committee on North Korea lifted sanctions after South Korea demanded the same. After quashing the sanction, the military communication lines between North Korea and South Korea will be restored hence paving way for a better military cooperation between the two.

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