Why Russian 6th Generation Aircrafts May Skip the Stealth Technology?

Many nations have started to work on 6th Generation Fighter Aircraft, despite not many of them having an efficient 5th Generation Jets. As reported by EurAsian Times, Russia has already started to work on Sixth Generation Aircraft, however, what will be the features of a sixth-generation fighter jet might just amaze the readers. EurAsian Times analyses the Russian 6th Generation Fighter Jets, which may just skip the stealth technology.

SU-57: Key Features of 6th Generation Fighter Jet

“It is a beautiful fighter jet, and it can be not only of the fifth but also of the sixth generation.” It has an enormous modernization potential and because it is invisible, it is the best among the existing models, not only the Russian but also the world. Due to this, the differences between the fifth and sixth generation aircraft, apparently, will not be clearly defined for a long time.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, the fifth-generation Russian fighter SU-57 is made of stealth technology with a comprehensive utilisation of composite elements, is proficient of maintaining supersonic cruising speed, has the advanced avionics, including a brawny onboard computer system and a number of other innovations.

6th Generation Aircraft: Armed and Dangerous

An expert on “Radio-electronic technologies” stated about the “stuffing” of the future aircraft and said that an experimental model of a radio-photon radar has already been built, which transmits, receives and processes the signal. He noted that “now a full-scale mock-up of this radio-optical photonic antenna array is formed in the framework of research work, which will allow to work out the characteristics of the serial model.”

Additionally, laser protection of a sixth-generation fighter will physically burn the homing heads of hostile missiles striking the aircraft, and its weaponry will include electromagnetic guns and controlled electronic munitions.

The 6th generation fighters will operate in the “pack”. One or two manned jets will be able to control 20-30 drones, which can carry any weapons. “One drone in the pack will carry electromagnetic weapons, including controlled electronic ammunition, the other will have means of electronic suppression, while the third will carry a set of conventional weapons.

Each specific task is solved by different weapons,” said the expert. At the same time, the appearance of the new aircraft, its aerodynamic layout remains the subject of infinite disputes and guesses.

Sixth Generation Fighter Jet: SMART

Talking about the properties of a sixth-generation fighter, experts told reporters that this machine will have artificial intelligence. “One of the main features will be the artificial intelligence so that all 6th generation aircraft can operate in a completely autonomous mode.

The stealth technology will play an increasingly limited role due to the expansion of the scanning range of the airspace, which will allow detecting unobtrusive targets at a great distance. The experts state that it will be unprincipled to build up cruising speed since it will slightly exceed the speed of sound. But in the afterburner mode, according to the expert, the speed will approach hypersound, which will allow the aircraft to immediately overcome the defensive lines.

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