India Origin, UK Born Youth Siddhartha Dhar Designated as a Global Terrorist

The Indian community was hit with a shocking news when an Indian-origin youth Siddhartha Dhar was declared a global terrorist by the US State Department. Siddhartha Dhar with the adopted name of Abu Rumaysah al-Britani was designated as a global terrorist along with Mohammed Emwazi, a Belgian citizen.

The matter came forward on Jan 23rd when the US State Department said that Siddhartha Dhar from Britain was a member of the Al Muhajiroun. It was revealed that Dhar had left his home in the United Kingdom in 2014 to join the terrorist organization in Syria.

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The US State Department further added that Siddhartha Dhar has now reportedly replaced ‘Jihadi John’, the infamous Islamic State executioner Mohammed Emwazi. Siddhartha Dhar, according to US State Department was also seen wearing a mask in one of the videos released by the Islamic State group in the January of the year 2016. The video had shown the execution of a number of prisoners held by the terrorist group on account of spying for the United Kingdom.

Belgian Citizen Second After Siddhartha Dhar To Be Declared Global Terrorist

The Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin, Abdelatif Gaini is the second person to be declared a global terrorist by the United States State Department. Gaini was reportedly fighting for the Islamic State in the Middle East region and had connections with Humza Ali and Mohammed Ali Ahmed. The two Islamic State sympathizers faced conviction in the United Kingdom in the year 2016 for a number of terrorism offences.

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The designation of the two individuals, Siddhartha Dhar and Abdelatif Gaini, involves not only a confiscation of their properties but also bans any US citizen from engaging any form of a transaction with them. Dhar’s name had first come up in the year 2016 when Nihad Barakat, a Yazidi teenager had accused him of kidnapping her and holding her as a sex slave. Barakat had said that Siddhartha Dhar then trafficked her while he was based in Mosul.