Sharada Peeth – Ancient Hindu Temple of Kashmiri Pandits Can Be Opened Too: Imran Khan

Sharada Peeth is an ancient Hindu temple along the Neelam River in the village of Sharda, in the territory of Pak controlled Kashmir.

Will Sharada Peeth – the revered site for Kashmiri Pandits / Hindu’s across the LoC be opened just like the Kartarpur corridor? Imran Khan has indicated that Sharada Peeth and other Hindu pilgrimage sites can be opened if all goes well. 

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“We can consider other proposals including opening up travel for the Sharada Peeth in Kashmir, Katasraj and other Hindu shrines too,” The Hindu newspaper tweeted, quoting the Pakistan Prime minister.

Ruins of Sharada Peeth shrine in Neelum Valley

Earlier, Imran Khan said that one fails to understand why allowing people pilgrimage to Guru Nanak’s birthplace would draw criticism?

Kartarpur can be a new beginning of reconciliation between the two neighbours. We cannot change our borders but let us make them irrelevant by facilitating trade & encouraging people to people contact.

Sharda Peth has been quite an emotional issue with the Kashmiri Pandits. They have been seeking permission to visit the historic site for decades which is located in the Neelum Valley on the other side of the Karnah belt (Kupwara).

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With Khan indicating that there is a possibility of reopening this pilgrim trek, the Kashmiri Pandits will be happy. But nobody knows will it happen.

Khan said – “I tried to reach out to India from the very first day of my term. But I got a negative response when the meeting at the UN was cancelled. We decided that we could wait for a response until elections in India,” the newspaper further quoting Khan saying. “There is a consensus in Pakistan for peace, don’t think of it as desperation for peace.”

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