Saudi Crown Prince Unravels Deep Secrets Behind Wahhabism and the Yemen War

In an unapologetic, 75-minutes long interview, with the Washington Post, the Saudi Crown Prince MBS – spoke about many ‘hidden’ issues. The Saudi Crown Prince spoke about the inspiration behind the Saudi-funded Wahhabism, his relations with the White House Sr. Advisor, the War in Yemen and more. The Saudi Crown Prince MBS threw light on many topics that have prevailed global media channels for long.

The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, stated that Wahhabism was initiated by the Western countries that requested Riyadh to step in during the Cold War and help overpower the Soviet Union. Allies from the West requested Riyadh to fund mosques and madrassas in western nations to take countermeasures against the Soviet Union encroaching the Muslim nations.

Saudi Crown Prince Speaks Up

The Saudi Crown Prince further stated that following the initial efforts, the next government lost track of the dealings and that the funding is now carried out by ‘religious organizations’ and not by the government. There was media uproar as news of the Crown prince claiming that the White House Sr. Advisor, Jared Kushner, was ‘in his pocket’. Speaking on the matter, the Crown Prince denied meeting the Advisor to discuss matters of corruption in the Kingdom. He said that anti-corruption measures were being taken for years and it was a critical domestic issue.

Although, the Saudi Crown Prince MBS did state that he shared amiable relations with Kushner and the Vice President of the US.

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The Saudi Crown Prince MBS Talks About the War In Yemen

Yemen is in a continuous state of war and there exists a Saudi led coalition in the region that launches a bombing campaign against the Houthi rebels. The conditions in Yemen are highly deplorable with innocents being killed, cholera plaguing the region and a state of famine. The Saudi led coalition has faced many accusations for the condition in Yemen, that have been denied by Riyadh. Speaking about the war in Yemen, the Saudi Crown Prince said that the Kingdom is taking up every opportunity to enhance the situation in Yemen and initiating humanitarian measures.

This candid interview was initially kept off media, but the embassy of Saudi then agreed to allow the Washington Post to publish parts of the interview.

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