Saudi Arabia’s Bonhomie With Israel Leaves Palestine To The Mercy Of Egypt – Analysis

Saudi Arabia, the host to Islam’s holiest sites Mecca and Medina, and the considered leader of the Muslims across the world for more than a century, when the Turkish Empire had been broken up by British and French Allies leading to the creation of Israel out of Turkish Palestine, is all in news, much to the elation of Israel.

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The last few years have witnessed a series of clandestine meetings taking place between Israeli Intelligence and Saudi Arabia officials and now the Crown Prince MbS has also publicly met Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The two states are to formalize their relations inevitably after Saudi Arabia made the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco to align with Israel during the year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saudi Arabia and its allies are desperate to forge an alliance with Israel to finally wage a war on Iran. Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies had first sponsored an eight-year war on Iran through Saddam Hussain, millions have died since then. Saddam was later deposed, and today, Iraq is in a shambles, with a broken economic and political structure. The properties worth trillions have been gutted in the region and millions have been turned into refugees. All in the name of politics for ‘leadership’.

Iran is an ancient civilization and after the Arab victory over Iran, the whole country became Muslim, but Iran always had an air of sophistry over Arabs. Arabs also have their centuries of ‘grudges’ against Iran until oil was discovered and all got quite amalgamated into the politics of ethnicity, regionalism, sectarianism, economics, differences between various Islamic schools of thoughts, materialism, linguistic chauvinism, racism leading to such contempt that an open annihilation became a norm. The US always sided with Saudi Arabia and has been against Iran since the days of Musaddaq 70 years back.

The same elements are at work across the whole Muslim world. After the fall of Saddam Hussain, Iraq became an extension of Iran. Saudi Arabia and the US were stunned. Syria was used as an equalizer between Iran and the West and Russia came to rescue Syria. Syria is in the rubble.

Pakistan has been a theater of such violence for decades and ISIS, which recently claimed responsibility for killing Hazara Muslims in Pakistan, is now a new entrant into this dreadful game.

Mohammed bin Salman with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia always wanted to fight the turf-war with Iran inside Pakistan and Afghanistan, since precisely 1979 when the Iranian revolution took place and Saudi Arabia and other Arab states accused Iran of exporting revolution and, therefore, of expansionism. All the

Arab states went into a huddle for the fear that the same revolution might hit their boundaries and, therefore, Iran and Saudi Arabia have since been locked in an inevitable battle.

This battle is now taking its final shape as Saudi Arabia, along with Israel and the US, are slated to wage a war on Iran. While Muslims and Muslim nations have bled each other ‘through a thousand cuts’, the West is a solid monolith in the name of white supremacy.

Saudi Arabia now is head-over-heels to embrace Israel but Pakistan has refused to fall in line. Pakistan, therefore, has to bear the brunt as it is expected that Saudi money may be funneled into the country for it to become the new matching field over sectarianism, as a probable war between Saudi Arabia-Israel-US on Iran is all slated to spill-out on Pakistan’s streets, and maybe even in India.

The card is likely to be put to work to see a further fratricide in Kashmir. The year 2021 under self-professed Zionist, US President-elect Joseph Biden, is to spell doom for Muslim nations with Israel reigning supreme.

Even before Saudi Arabia starts its honeymoon with Israel, preparations have been afoot. Saudi Arabia, according to IMPACT-Se, an Israeli group, which specializes in probing world education curriculums, has released a 32-page report in PDF form available for free, stating how Saudi Arabia has obliterated aspects from its schools’ ingredients, which were not to the liking of Israel.

The report says that “an infamous hadith which teaches students that a war between Jews and Muslims is inevitable in which Muslims will kill the Jews”. Historically, this hadith has considerably influenced anti-Semitic attitudes in the Muslim world, so its removal from the 2020 Saudi textbooks is hugely significant.

Other examples removed include a text describing the nefarious means utilized by Zionist forces, such as money, women, and drugs, adding to the common anti-Semitic trope. Another allegation was that Jews have no religious historical rights as they refused to accept Muhammad.

An entire chapter focused on commentary and analysis about a verse from the Qur’anic surah, Al-Baqarah that contained a warning against those “resembling the people of Moses” was also removed from the textbooks.

The Islamic idea of killing the Jews during the Day of Resurrection was removed as that too was the glorification of violent jihad: “Jihad in the way of Allah is the climax of Islam.” This example was removed alongside an entire textbook unit that taught verses from the Qur’anic At-Tawbah (the Repentance) surah.

Remarkably, a graphic passage, condemning homosexuality and stating that gay people should be punished by death for performing the “crime of sodomy,” was removed representing a ‘dramatic and progressive shift towards greater tolerance and openness.’ Also removed was a passage that attributed disease and calamity to homosexuality.

It may be mentioned that Saudi Arabia has already submitted to Israel suzerainty as a greater part of anti-Israel material is now a passé and no more makes it to books distributed in 30,000 schools.

The notions like Israel plotting to expand its territory from the Nile to the Euphrates are not figured into but Iran has to be the designated expansionist regime. “A polemic delegitimizing Israel’s right to exist was also removed. All of the above examples were part of a chapter titled “The Zionist Danger” that has now been entirely removed.”

“The latest textbooks reflect a real leap forward and an institutional effort to remove some references to hate, including anti-Semitism, jihad, and homophobia,” said Marcus Sheff, Chief Executive of Impact-SE in Telegraph.Co.UK on December 16, 2020.

As the onset of 2021 suggests, Saudi Arabia is building its brotherhood with Zionist Israel and is, of course, to leave Palestinians in the lurch, to face the daily non-human onslaught of the Israeli regime. Under the blessings of the US and Saudi Arabia, the stooge Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt is all set to act as a mid-wife to settle the Palestine issue to the ultimate advantage of Israel, and therefore, also to provide an alibi for Pakistan to recoup with Saudi Arabia.

Apocalyptic destruction is now all set to occupy the Arab and Muslim lands. India is sitting to the right of the table. It sits with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US and is gearing up to wrest the entire Kashmir from Pakistan.

Half of its job was done on August 5, 2019, when the special status to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 was annulled by PM Narendra Modi, to the riling of China which might turn the tables for everyone, including the US.


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