Saudi Arabia Offers Intelligence Sharing To India To Track & Trace Terrorism

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin-Salman extended intelligence sharing to support India’s fight against extremism and terrorism. India and Saudi Arabia have also signed agreements for promoting investment, tourism, housing, and communication.

Saudi Arabia Signs 20 Billion Investment Deals With Pakistan To Boost Economic Relations


“We want to be sure India and Saudi Arabia’s relationship is maintained for thousands of years,” the crown prince said, sitting next to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind.

“Saudi Arabia and India should work together in Afghanistan, there is a golden opportunity here. India can also offer its diplomatic services to reduce the distrust between Saudi Arabia and Iran,” the crown prince said.

During interaction session with media, PM Modi referred to the attack on Indian soldiers and said that effective steps would be taken to punish the perpetrators and their supporters. “Saudi Arabia and India share views on increasing cooperation in counterterrorism and tackling cybercrimes,” Indian PM added.  He also stressed the need for a strong action plan to combat extremism.

India and Saudi Arabia have signed five agreements for promoting investment, tourism, housing, and communications. Last year, the two-way trade between the two countries was valued at $27.5 billion.

The Saudi Prince Mohammed highlighted trade relations between the two countries saying, “he saw a potential for $100 billion investment in energy, agriculture, technology, culture, and social services and the two countries would evolve a strategy for mutual gains”.

“Since we remember ourselves, we know Indian people as friends, and they are part of building Saudi Arabia in the past 70 years”, said the crown prince. The crown prince arrived in India after visiting Pakistan, the Saudi delegation signed $20 billion in investment deals and vowed to free thousands of Pakistani prisoners in Saudi custody. As a deadline nears for India to comply with U.S. sanctions against Iran, the relationship is likely to become more significant with Saudis.