Russia’s Yasen-M Class Nuclear Sub To Be Armed With Hypersonic Missiles: Reports

The Russian Navy will receive its first Yasen-M class nuclear submarine by the end of this year, military sources said. The submarine will be able to fire several types of weapons, including Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles. 

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the submarine, to be designated as ‘Novosibirsk’, shall complete the sea trials by the fourth quarter of this year. “The nuclear submarine will be handed over to the fleet in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Prior to that, the Novosibirsk is to complete the manufacturer’s sea trials and state trials,” a source quoted by TASS said.

The trials would also include the firing of P-800 Oniks and Kalibr-PL missiles from the submarine.

The submarine would be the first of the Yasen-M class boats, preceded by a Yasen-Class submarine Severodvinsk while another Project 885M submarine Kazan would be handed over later this year.

The Yasen-M class boats are 9.2 meters shorter than the Yasen-class ones and would be powered by the new generation KTP-6 reactor which would significantly reduce its noise level.

This would be achieved as the reactor’s primary cooling loop facilitates natural circulation of water and thus doesn’t require continuous operation of the main circulation pumps, which are the key noise factor on a nuclear submarine.

Along with the complement of P-800 Oniks and Kalibr-PL SLCMs, the submarine has 10 torpedo tubes. It is said that the submarine would be able to carry Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles in the future.

Six more submarines of this type are reportedly under different phases of construction at the JSC Sevmash Shipyard (part of united shipbuilding corporation).

The Zircon hypersonic missiles are already in the full induction process by the Russian navy with trials being carried out. This missile type would be the primary and most lethal armament of the Yasen-M class submarines. The P-800 Oniks is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile on which the famous BrahMos missile is based.

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