BREAKING: Another Russian Warship Hit By Ukranian Anti-Ship Missile; Left Burning In The Black Sea — Reports

Just weeks after the Russian flagship Moskva missile cruiser was hit by Neptune anti-ship missiles fired by Ukraine, which ultimately led to its sinking, another Russian warship is believed to have caught fire in the Black sea.

It has been learned that a Russian warship was hit by a Ukrainian missile and left burning in the black sea.

A naval source reportedly verified that a Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missile struck the vessel, according to the typically reputable Gruz200 military news web platform, according to UNIAN news agency quoted by The Kyiv Post.

A Dumska statement from Odessa also confirmed that the Neptune missile had hit the Russian warship, with a “large number” of Russian aircraft circling overhead.

Following a late-night alert on the night of May 5, a Russian rescue ship identified as SPK-46150 was seen en route to the site on a marine ship tracker.

A US Air Force Global Hawk long-range reconnaissance drone was seen over the spot at 0500 on the morning of May 6, according to an aircraft tracker website.

The Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) or the Russian Federation (RF) did not immediately confirm the strike. The frigate was an Admiral Grigorievich class frigate, according to the military information graphic resource Livemap.

A web statement by Ukrainian parliament member Oleksiy Honcharenko stated that the warship hit was the Admiral Makarov, which had been patrolling in the west Black Sea for more than a month. The EurAsian Times could not independently verify either assertion.

However, the microblogging site Twitter carried tweets that overwhelmingly identified the ship as Admiral Makarov.

According to The Mirror, some others identified the location as being near Snake Island in the Black Sea, where a rescue mission, including many aircraft and rescue boats, was underway.

Oleksiy Goncharenko, reportedly posted on his Telegram channel that the ship had been hit by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. He said the ship was hit by Ukrainian attacks and was “badly damaged,” but that it was still afloat for the time being.

Ukrainian media saying we sunk the Russian warship Moskva with 2 Neptune missles. (Twitter)
Ukrainian media saying we sunk the Russian warship Moskva with 2 Neptune missiles. (Twitter)

“Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly!” he stated in his message. The God of the Seas takes revenge on the offenders of Ukraine.

Earlier, Ukraine had hit the Russian cruiser ‘Moskva’ with a Neptune shore-based anti-ship cruise missile in mid-April. The warship sank into the sea after catching fire.

Before being shot, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Navy had been at the forefront of Moscow’s naval operation in Ukraine, playing a critical role in the siege of Mariupol’s port city.

Is The US Helping Ukraine?

US media recently claimed to have shared intelligence with Ukraine regarding the location of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva before the Neptune missile strike that sank the warship, a high-profile military disaster for Russia.

According to an American official, Ukraine opted to use its anti-ship missiles to attack and sink the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. However, in light of Russia’s sea attacks on the Ukrainian coast, the US has provided “a range of intelligence,” including the positions of those ships, said the official, who requested anonymity, Associated Press reported.

However, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby denied the reports on the US intelligence assistance to Ukraine to target Russia’s flagship Moskva in the Black Sea.

“The Ukrainians have their own intelligence capabilities to track and target Russian naval vessels, as they did in this case,” Kirby said, as quoted by the newspaper.

File Image: The Russian Iskander-M SRBM – Wikimedia Commons

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said earlier that American agencies “do not provide intelligence on the location of senior military leaders on the battlefield or participate in the targeting decisions of the Ukrainian military,” in response to a New York Times report about the US role in supporting Ukraine’s killing of Russian generals.

There is no information yet if the alleged attack on the Russian warship has anything to do with US intelligence or assistance.

Russia has intensified its attack on the Eastern Ukrainian territory along the Black Sea, mercilessly hitting the port cities, which could be instrumental in Russian exports of wheat and other goods if captured. The seizure of the Donbas region will also allow the Russians to link it with Crimea, which was annexed in 2014.