Russian SU-24 Bomber Almost Shot-Down By Turkish Forces: WATCH NOW

The attempt to shoot-down the Russian Su-24 bomber in the Syrian province of Idlib on February 20 was carried out, allegedly, by the Turkish military, and not Islamic militants supported by Ankara. 

Helpless Turkey Fighting A Losing Battle Against Russia-Backed Bashar-Al Assad?

The news agency A24 published a video showing the militants of the pro-Turkish “National Front for Liberation” for the assault on Neyrab. The combat launch from the Stinger man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) on a Russian plane also got into the frame.

The video clearly shows that the launch of a rocket from MANPADS FIM-92 Stinger demonstrates a person in Turkish military uniform. 

This cannot be judged as a clear evidence of Turkish military involvement since Ankara carries out mass deliveries of military equipment to rebels. However, later Twitter user @obretix was able to locate the rocket launch site, which turned out to be a building on the territory of the newly created Turkish “observation post” on the road between the city of Idlib and the village of Kminas.

Erdogan Threatens Action Against Russia & Syria In Idlib

Earlier, Turkey requested the U.S. to deploy two Patriot missile-defence batteries on its southern border to prevent any future attacks by Russian-backed Syrian troops. The declaration was almost instantly followed on Thursday by a spate of violence that left two Turkish soldiers dead and five wounded in Idlib, emphasizing the risks as two adamant powers assert their influence in northwestern Syria.