Russia’s Latest “Sprut-SDM1” Self Propelled Tank Destroyers Ready for Action

Sprut-SDM1, Russia’s highly advanced self-propelled tank destroyers are expected to take the global defence market by storm. Sprut-SDM1 is an amphibious self-propelled anti-tank gun which is the latest in Russia’s armoury and will be ready for state trials in October. A top military source has confirmed the timeframe of the state trials of Sprut-SDM1 even though Russia’s state corporation Rostec has refrained from commenting.

The source revealed that Sprut-SDM1 guns will be inducted in the military forces in the last quarter of 2018. As reported by Tass, the vehicle was first introduced in 2015 during an international military-technical forum summit held by the Russian Army. Rostec has not yet commented on the scheduling of the trials but has said that the trial models are ready and interest customers already.

The Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled anti-tank gun (SPATG) has been developed by Volgograd Tractor Plant and according to the manufacturers, it is a tracked amphibious armoured vehicle which can even be airdropped with its crew inside.

What makes the Sprut-SDM1 Lethal?

The vehicle is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore main gun, 7.62 mm medium machine gun and a machine gun integrated with a roof-mounted weapon station that can be operated remotely. It is highly capable of guiding anti-tank guided missiles and smoke dischargers as well. The firepower of Sprut-SDM1 is almost equal to that of the T-90 MS main battle tank and can be operated in even mountainous terrains. It has a full combat weight of 18 tonnes and space for 3 crew members.

Serbia to buy  S-300 PMU-2 missiles from Russia

Serbia has requested Russia to supply S-300 PMU-2 missiles by 2021. The news has been confirmed by top military sources as reported by Tass. The source stated that Serbia has placed an official request to obtain a package of S-300 PMU-2 which shall consist of 2 missile battalions and a regimental command post. Russia is at present reviewing the request placed by Serbia.

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