Russian, Pakistani Army Hold Joint Military Drills – Fox Hunting

Russian and Pakistani army will exercise “fox hunting” in the third edition of a joint bilateral military training exercise “Friendship 2018”. Around 150 troops from the two countries will be a part of this competition, including 70 mountain shooters from Russia’s Karachay-Cherkessia.

The press service of Russia’s Southern Military District reported that “Fox hunting” is an orienteering competition – in the mountains in the background of the “Friendship 2018” military drills. It will be carried out in the village of Cherat of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The troops will also have to exhibit their skills in navigating mountain rivers, delivering emergency medical assistance and evacuating the wounded from mountainous areas.

Earlier, the troops of Moscow and Islamabad clashed against each other in football and tug of war at the training range in Cherat. Pakistani servicemen won the football match after scoring two goals, whereas Russian servicemen were victorious in the tug of war.

The two sides are trying to promote defence ties and in August, this year they inked an agreement allowing Pakistani troops to train in Russia.

The third joint military drills “Friendship 2018” between the two nations will end on November 4. The military exercise is targeted to practice coordination during warfare in the ranges and an aid in the fight against illegal armed groups.

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